Marcela marin

Position: Marketing Manager & Content Creator.
Languages: Spanish, English.
Her role: Marcela coordinates, creates, and distributes helpful information through digital channels.

About hER

Marcela first came to the U.S. in 1996 as an exchange student in a 4S program, living with an American family in a West Virginia community and experiencing a 4th of July in Washington DC.

Later, during her college years, she got a J1 Visa to work in the US for a couple of months, working as a steward and “garde manger” cook at a Palm Beach hotel in Florida. During this time, she worked alongside many immigrants from different counties, including Honduras, Haiti, Chile, Mexico, Cuba, and Ecuador. She listened to many stories and journeys and caught a glimpse of the different backgrounds of immigrants in the U.S. and the realities they lived in.

Marcela graduated with a degree in Advertising in 2004 and got an MBS in Marketing in 2010. She worked for several years in commercial business but decided her personal and career goals lay elsewhere.

In 2013 she started working as a college professor for different universities in Costa Rica and providing services in marketing and communications as an independent consultant.

She started working with us in 2021 during the pandemic and has worked alongside our team to develop our brand ever since.

Marcela works part-time with us, so she still has time to do consultant work and training for social organizations and small businesses in Costa Rica.

Immigration laws are complicated. I contribute to produce relevant, easy-to-understand information to help guide immigrants through their journey.

– Marcela Marin

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