Asylum: Keys to improve your chances of approval 

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Seeking asylum in the United States is a complex and challenging process; however, with preparation and proper knowledge, your chances of approval can increase. Here are some of the keys to asylum that will impact the outcome of your case.

Keys to improve your chances of asylum approval

Understand Asylum

When building a solid case, it’s necessary to understand the legal concept of asylum and its requirements. Seeking asylum is a form of protection granted to individuals who have fled their home countries due to persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. The case you submit needs to fit this description. 

Establish a Well-Founded Fear of Persecution

You will need to demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution if you were to return to your home country. Collect evidence such as personal testimonies, witness statements, and documentation of past incidents to support your claim.   

Gather Evidence

Substantial evidence is the backbone of a successful asylum case. Collect as much documentation as possible, including police reports, medical records, photographs, news articles, or any other relevant proof of the persecution you have faced or fear. Affidavits or testimonies are also crucial, ensuring they include detailed information. It’s also important to show the government or the authorities were either part of the prosecution or were aware of it and unable (or unwilling) to protect you. 

Maintain Consistency and credibility

Ensure that your written and oral statements are consistent throughout the application process. Any discrepancies or contradictions may raise doubts about your honesty and your claim’s validity. Your testimony is critical in establishing credibility and should be detailed and coherent. 

Legal Representation

An experienced immigration attorney will know how to increase your chances of success, considering details in your specific case and the latest updates in immigration laws and policies. An expert will be able to identify weaknesses and mistakes in your case and help you correct them. Plus, you will have someone guide and help you through the process.   

Timely Filing

To ensure the viability of your asylum claim, you must file your application within one year of arriving in the United States. However, building the case is going to take time. Once you arrive in the U.S., you should start collecting evidence and seeking professional help to submit your application as soon as possible. 

Getting asylum in the United States is not easy, but understanding the legal requirements, presenting compelling evidence, and having a credible case can improve your chances of a positive outcome. Remember, each asylum case is unique, and you should consult with a qualified immigration attorney who can provide personalized advice based on your circumstances. 

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