4 reasons your immigration case may not be moving forward

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Immigration laws and processes are complex, and several factors may affect the time to get results. Some aspects are up to you and your lawyer (if you have one), and some are not. 

If everything on your end is correct and up to date, any delay is a consequence of the general process length, and your turn will come.

Check this list to verify you are not holding back your case!

1. Mistakes in filling out the forms

If you complete the forms alone or with basic help (not from an immigration attorney), you can make mistakes. Because legal terms and immigration laws can be confusing for someone untrained in the legal field, you may make mistakes without realizing it.

2. Incorrect information

If you give inaccurate information to your lawyer, it may go unnoticed at first. However, USCIS will verify all data and cross-check it with information from other sources. If something doesn’t match, they may request clarification or additional information. In the worst case, they may deny your request.

3. Pending documents

Your forms do not go anywhere until you have submitted all the necessary documents and evidence. Not because we don’t want to send them, but because if documentation is incomplete, USCIS will put the case on hold or send it back.

4. Pending payment:

If you hire an immigration lawyer but are not paying your fees on time, the firm does not have the resources to pay the people working on your case. We need to operate as a team! If you are experiencing a unique financial situation, we can talk to find a solution.

Remember there´s a backlog!

We know this is not up to you, but we also have no control over the large quantities of pending cases. The best we can do is to submit everything properly, accurately, and thoroughly as soon as possible and ensure there are no mistakes to set us back.

It is crucial to know that processing in immigration takes a considerable amount of time as it is. If something is incorrect when your turn comes, you will be put at the “back of the line” again. The clock will start over AFTER everything is filed correctly. Because of this, reprocessing will multiply your waiting time.

We are on your side. Help us move things along! We will celebrate with you when the response comes. 😊 

At Armstrong Legal, we would love to hear about your personal immigration story, guide you through the process and accompany you on the way.

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