Lessons from an immigrant’s life

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We have heard the story of many immigrants through the years. Every case, every history is unique. Immigration is a journey full of life-lasting lessons, not without a cost for those who achieve their goal. 

Although each lesson is valuable and cherished, these lessons harbor pain for many immigrants. 

Through the stories of our customers, we have experienced valuable lessons that have shaped their lives and futures.

Lessons of courage

Immigrating to another country is not an easy decision and takes immense courage. It takes knowing that something could go wrong and that it will be challenging for the body, the mind, and the heart. The decision to leave everything one knows behind to try to start over can take a toll.

Lessons of resilience and adaptability

Immigrants face and overcome numerous challenges. Many endure an extenuating journey, traveling in extreme conditions. Then, they adapt to a new place with a different language and culture. Immigrants often learn to perform jobs they may have no prior experience with, sometimes working in harsh conditions. They face these challenges in the name of hope and very often conquer them. Immigrants adapt. They need to do so to survive. 

Lessons of love and sacrifice

Many decide to immigrate for love – either to bring their loved ones with them, hoping to offer them a better future and more opportunities in life, or to leave their loved ones behind to provide for them from afar, making sacrifices so they can survive or have a better life in their home country.

Lessons of persistence

Most immigrants keep trying, even after facing failure multiple times. They strive to reach the land of dreams, find good jobs, new homes, and new friends. They adapt to a new environment while keeping in touch with their roots and traditions, leaving everything behind but love.

Lessons of gratitude

Most immigrants are grateful for opportunities, work, friendship, and help. They learn to cherish and appreciate kindness and small gestures despite their challenges. Having fought against the odds to achieve what they have, they greatly value the results they accomplish.

These lessons are some of the most valuable gifts we receive when serving others. 

Thank you to all our customers for allowing us to share their stories and be a part of their journey. 

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