Fear vs. Reality in immigration Law

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An immigrant´s fear

Many natural citizens of countries have spoken about their fears regarding immigration as well as the effects immigration may have on them; however, nobody talks about the anxieties immigrants face when starting a new life in a different country.

Immigrants are afraid. The emotion is present and accompanies them along their journey and into their new life. For many, the condition of being an immigrant is just one among many economic and social vulnerabilities they face.

Dealing with fear goes through recognizing the causes, accepting the emotion, and choosing alternatives to deal with it. Confronting fear and channeling it positively or productively may also help to find better solutions for other challenges.

Dealing with fear

Fear can become a monster. We can let it grow until it paralyzes us or find tools to deal with it.

If you are an immigrant, you are strong & brave. You have already overcome your fears and started a new life in a different country. You got this!

Here are three tools to help you handle your fears as an immigrant.

  • Reliable Information: The first weapon to combat your fear is trustworthy information. Look for official sources and know your rights! Official sources include USCIS, EOIR and ICE sites. You may also find reliable information through organizations and institutions such as National Immigration Project or Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
  • Legal Help: Immigration laws are complex. The second tool to fight your fear is professional help. Lawyer up! Make sure to share with your attorney all the information about your immigration history, even if you believe something may be irrelevant, so they can consider and properly evaluate all options, opportunities, and risks in your case. A trustworthy lawyer is a crucial tool in taking control of your fears. You can call Armstrong Legal at (469) 844-0020 to schedule a consult.
  • Emotional Support: The third tool is support from others. Look to your loved ones if they are near, but also turn to organizations & community groups such as Catholic Charities and Raíces. Many of these organizations or groups may also help you find alternatives to other challenges you face as an immigrant and will allow you to meet and share with more people in a situation similar to your own.

Fear vs. Reality in immigration Law

Immigrants face many fears related to their legal status. These fears influence their decisions and actions. However, many of these fears stem from partial or inaccurate information.

Below are some of the most common fears about immigration status and immigration law compared to reality.

Fear #1: If I get detained, I will get deported.

Reality:  Not necessarily. Depending on your case, there may be options, such as applying for cancellation, asylum, or TPS. An immigration lawyer will need to know the details of your case to give you the available options.

Fear #2: I can´t work legally in the U.S.

Reality: You need an Employment Authorization Document to work in the US. You may qualify for an EAD if your case is pending resolution.

Fear #3: I entered without inspection, so I have no options.

Reality: Not necessarily. There may be waivers available, and the faster you act, the quicker you can work towards a resolution.

Fear #4: If I am a victim of a crime, I can´t get help from the police.

Reality: VAWA & U Visa are special categories designed to protect immigrants who have been victims of domestic violence or criminal activities. There may be other options for you.

Remember, every immigration story is different.

An immigration lawyer can help you understand your options based on the details of your case and current immigration law.

At Armstrong Legal we would love to hear about your personal immigration story, guide you through the uncertainty of the immigration process and accompany the pursuit of your goals.

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